Colocation Services

BDx Colocation Services offer security, reliability, flexbility with on-site services ensuring 24/7 operation.

All BDx data centers are network-dense high-density data centers (HDDC) providing flexible and scalable power densities along with highly secure and flawless operating conditions for your mission-critical IT workloads.

We offer customizable colocation solutions with space, power, connectivity and on-site services, ensuring 24/7 operation.

Racks, Cages And Suites

We offer flexible colocation packages, giving you the ability to deploy flexible power densities in your colocation space using a variety of intelligent power distribution systems to match and manage your specific power density requirements with optimum usage of resources.

Additionally, we provide you the flexibility to choose from a standard rack cabinet configuration or customizable cage configurations. These come with cable distribution systems along with dual AC power distribution paths. The power delivery system within the facility accommodates dual power feed from different PDUs for each cabinet.

Smart Hands Services

We empower you with the flexibility to perform basic to skilled functions 24 hours x 7 days all year round. Wherever and whenever you need to perform tasks that require you to be physically present at our data centers, with BDx Smart Hands services, you no longer have to be physically present at our data centers for the smooth functioning of your IT workloads. We provide you assistance with basic tasks such as visual inspection, rack and stack, while helping with your cabling needs, power cycling your IT equipment & emergency replacements.

Cross-Connect Services

Secure, dense and seamless connectivity options are at the heart of all BDx data centers. BDx Cross Connects are point-to-point interconnections between customer racks or from customers to service providers in the same data center facility. This service supports, binds all your critical infrastructure with business partners and service providers of your choice within the BDx colocation space.

BDx Cross-Connect Services are integrated into the BDx Soft Connect Application – your digital Interconnection and Cross Connect management platform.

Why choose BDx Colocation Services

Global Operations Platform

Our Global Operations Platform is a purpose-built centralized model for running our data centers in a standardized manner with all tools and SOCs operating in a fail-safe manner, to provide you the highest possible uptime.

All our operational processes and procedures are ISO27001:2013 certified. Our data centers at Singapore (SIN1) and Hong Kong (HKG1 & HKG2) are TVRA compliant and PCI-DSS certified, while our data center at Nanjing (NKG1) is ISO9001 & CQC-A certified.


BDx HDDC offers flexible and scalable power densities across all your colocation locations, using a variety of intelligent power distribution systems.

We assure 99.99%+ power availability as standard SLA. All our sites are built with minimum N+1 redundancy, Uninterruptible Power Supply systems and redundant backup diesel generators to keep your business powered on.

Key features:

  • Flexible PDU Designs
  • Multi power densities with matching cooling solutions
  • Hassle-free future proofing of IT architecture in line with your IT architecture requirements.
  • Power Receiving: Dual Path wherever possible
  • Generator: Redundant configuration with N+1 or 2N
  • 48-hour continuous operation without refuel
  • UPS: Redundant configuration with N+1 or 2N
  • Power Provision: Dual power feeds from different PDUs
Data Centre Infrastructure

BDx HDDC are built to provide keeping both your short term and long term objectives in mind. From powering your colocation and IT workload management, asset discovery and management to encouraging and supporting you in a quest for a sustainable future, we have your covered with 360°View.

Our intelligent dashboards give you an accurate measure of your PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness), your carbon footprint via CUE (Carbon Usage Efficiency), your waterside impact via WUE (Water Usage Efficiency) and COP (Coefficient of Performance) to give you a view of your airside cooling efficiency.

With transportation accessibility, flexible power supply availability, natural disaster risk or other environmental conditions, our ‘Building Management Infrastructure’ manages and monitors all your critical infrastructure backed by our 24x7 global operations team, so you don’t have to. We manage it for you .


Security is the most important aspect for BDx. 24x7 multi-layered security controls at all access points within our facilities along with live CCTV, highly trained security personnel and biometric controls ensure that your data and equipment are in the most secure and reliable environment.

For cage or private room customer, we give you the option of additional and dedicated CCTV within the specified premises, additional access control system with card and pin reader and/or biometric reader at the entrance, upon request .

All of our data centers are staffed by security personnel 24x7 and our processes and procedures are ISO 27001:2013 certified, with separate region specific certifications appropriately in place.

Dense Network Connections

Each of our data center sites has diverse building entry points with multiple ducts connected to each carrier’s external infrastructure. With diversity in Meet-Me-Room (MMR) to support the multiple carrier ducts and diverse cable pathway infrastructure from MMRs to all corridors, communications risers and customer suites supporting structured cabling and customized customer requirements, we provide an extended degree of flexibility and configurability in its scale and functionality.

Fire Protection

All our sites are protected against any unlikely event of a fire breaking out with early warning smoke detection systems and gas based suppression systems. All of this is managed by our state-of-the-art Building Management Infrastructure and monitored 24x7 by our skilled Global Operations team. With BDx Single Pane powered by 360°View, all alerts and alarm can be monitored remotely at your fingertips.


All our sites have state-of-the-art, highly efficient cooling systems with N+1 or 2N redundancy. Our operating temperature and humidity values are set over a wide band in accordance with ASHRAE guidelines to offer high levels of energy savings to our customers.

Service Desk

Our Service Desk is available 24x7, 365 days a year to help your mission critical operations run without interruption.

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