BDx Single Pane

Powered by 360° View, BDx Single Pane is a hybrid monitoring platform providing tracking of both your BDx data center footprint as well as your cloud infrastructure.


BDx Single Pane is a self-service, single interface, monitoring solution that empowers you to exert complete control over your infrastructure across datacenters and cloud.

From end-to-end monitoring of critical elements such as applications, routers and switches, databases, firewalls and security measures to measuring critical performance parameters of network, servers and clouds, BDx Single Pane does it all for you.

Its intelligent visualization engine enables you to plan and contribute for the future. Its analytic dashboards give you insights on your assets across multiple geographies with their PUE, CUE, WUE and COP, for achieving green certifications and moving towards a greener future.

You can monitor, manage, aggregate data from infrastructure silos and act securely from anywhere or any device. All your KPIs, asset health metrics, alarms, access control permissions, IT device management and CCTV video streaming available with BDx Single Pane, powered by 360°View, at your fingertips.

Key Features

Colocation Management.
  • Real-time visibility of collocated assets and IT workloads
  • Management and planning of colocation infrastructure
Commitment to Sustainability with Green Certifications
  • Intelligent visualization engine for aggregated analysis of PUE, CUE,WUE and COP
Open Architecture
  • End-to-end secure and open architecture enables interoperability with the largest ecosystem of third-party tools, HVAC Systems and electrical systems including smart PDU
Asset Performance & Lifecycle Management
  • An asset-health metric check tool with predictive insights to optimize maintenance costs
Automated & Integrated Workflow Management for ITSM
  • Advanced automated processes
  • Auto discovery of assets
  • Health and Inventory audits
  • 3rd party integration with other critical systems
  • Improved SLAs
Unified Physical Security Management
  • End-to-end controls and management of the entire data center ecosystem


Colocation & Cloud Workload Management
  • Planning, monitoring and management of colocation and cloud workloads from anywhere
Asset Discovery and Management
  • Complete asset life cycle discovery and management
  • Asset health checklist
  • Asset audit records
Energy Optimization
  • Intelligent energy visualization dashboards of PUE, CUE, WUE and COP across data centers and geographies
Precise Modelling
  • Predictive health metric checks
  • Simulations for planning and critical decision making
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